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What is asbestos?:

Asbestos & Mould Removal ServicesAsbestos is a collection of six minerals that develop naturally in the environment as fibres. These fibres can be separated into thin tough, threads. Asbestos can also be released from serpentinite rocks. Asbestos mining began thousands of years ago, but industrial scale mining began in Quebec in the late 1800’s. Tonnes of asbestos was being mined worldwide at many different mining operations. Thus, Asbestos became a widely used material. Most commonly asbestos was used as an insulation in the 1900’s because it is resistant to both heat and fire, as well as electrical damage.

Researchers began to notice a large number of early deaths and lung issues within the towns and cities of asbestos mines over the years. Until the knowledge of it’s deadly, toxic dust effects, countless cases continued to rise worldwide, of people who passed away or were terminally ill from asbestos mining towns or the mine workers. High claims began to pop up from affected individuals seeking long term care costs, disability, lifetime loss of income and more. Hundreds of thousands of cases have been reported worldwide over the years. These findings ultimately caused a compelling collapse to the demand for asbestos. The use of asbestos has been banned in many countries and we can only hope it will finally be banned worldwide, considering the path of destruction it has caused and continues to cause.

How was asbestos used?:
Many industries used asbestos in different ways. For example, as an insulation, asbestos was used in thermal piping, furnaces, attic or wall insulation (vermiculite), mechanical insulation; boilers, vessels, tanks and piping. Asbestos can be found in almost any building built before

Asbestos was also used in yarn, cloths, blankets, cement, drywall compound, ceiling tiles, textured ceilings, floor tiles, siding, many paints, adhesives, plastics and break pads. Over time, it was discovered that even some children’s materials like many brands of crayons, chalks, play
dough and fingerprint kits, were found to actually contain traces of asbestos fibres and other fibres that are derived from the same rock.

What are the health hazards associated with exposure to asbestos?:
The link between prolonged asbestos exposure and respiratory disease is prominent. Prolonged exposure to asbestos can cause serious illnesses such as;

Asbestos-related lung cancer which looks the same as cancer caused by smoking and other substances. This type of cancer is usually fatal.
Mesothelioma, which is a cancer that affects the lining of the lungs (the pleura) and the lining surrounding the lower digestive tract (peritoneum). It is related to asbestos exposure and can appear years after exposure. It is almost always fatal.

Asbestosis, which is a severe scarring condition of the lung that occurs after heavy exposure to asbestos over many years. This condition can cause progressive shortness of breath, and insevere cases can be fatal. It is crucial to have asbestos properly removed as soon as it is discovered.

These illnesses are caused from exposure to disturbed asbestos. Meaning, asbestos that has deteriorated, or become airborne for any reason.

Asbestos & Mould Removal ServicesWhat is the asbestos removal process?:
We are fully trained, certified and insured to complete commercial, industrial and residential projects. With our knowledge and proficiency, we can complete Type 1, 2 and 3 asbestos abatement projects of any size.

We will come to your home or business and complete a thorough job visit. After this, we will provide a detailed quotation to fully inform you of the work that is needed and the duration of the project. We can work within your schedule to complete the project in a timely manner. We also provide emergency services.

Every project is different and requires different types of removals. Each job is carried out strictly following Ontario Regulation 278/05, Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our team will set up containment(s), and all remediation work will be completely carried out within the containment. Which means that no air will be contaminated outside of the work containment.

When dealing with asbestos at Davies Environmental Ltd., we take every safety measure at each job.

Contact us today if you think you may have asbestos in your home or business.

Ontario Regulation 278/05. Occupational Health and Safety Act; Designated Substance 


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