It is so important to invest in your health. The buildings we spend most of our time in, (homes and offices) are where we breathe in and out thousands of times each day. These buildings we seem to forget about keeping up regular housekeeping! Paying close attention to our homes and offices is so crucial to our health. Whether it be as simple as changing our furnace filters on a regular basis, inspecting our doors and windows for leaks or cracks, looking into our attics or ensuring our foundation is intact. We need to put these building checklists closer to the top of our to-do lists!Looking into beginning a renovation? Thinking about moving? Be sure to consider the following things before doing so. For your health and safety, and that of your family as well!

-Look for any moisture behind walls, above ceilings, under carpeting or flooring, in cracks or crevices. Keep an eye out for water stains, discolouration or even visible mould.

-Check water pressure in sinks and showers.

-Look for ceiling cracks, foundation cracks (inside or out), window ages and effectiveness.

-Pay attention to odors, strange smells, sump pump issues and dampness.

-Have a look in your attic and make note of what you see. If you have concerns, contact a professional to inspect the type of insulation that is currently present.

-Pay attention to bathroom fans. Are they ventilated properly outdoor? Or are they simply being pushed into the attic. Poor ventilation can cause serious mould issues, even up in our attics!

-Look at siding and roofing and try to notice any visible wear and tear or even missing/damaged pieces.

-Ensure downspouts are functioning and draining properly away from the home or building.

-Look at furnace and pipe insulation and inquire with a professional whether you might be seeing asbestos or not.

*If mould or water damage is noticed, (if purchasing a home) be sure to inquire with the current residents when the moisture became an issue. Asking questions and getting full information is always the best and most beneficial scenario. Especially when considering making a life long purchase.

If you believe that you may be exposed to asbestos or mould in your home, business, or even workplace, speak up! It is crucial to invest in your health and ensure your air is the clean air that we all deserve. Speak to your local insured and licensed remediation company, or express your concerns to your boss and have them do so! Contact us at our main location in St. Catharines. We serve Niagara Region and we travel across Ontario.