Health Canada recommends that all mould, regardless of the species, be cleaned and that the underlying water or humidity problem be dealt with quickly to prevent potential health issues.

Do I Need to Test for Mould?

You should look for obvious signs of mould growth:

Stains or discolourations on floors, walls, window panes, fabrics, carpets and other indoor surfaces.

A musty, “earthy” odour.

Different people have different reactions to mould exposure. Some have no reaction at all, and some develop severe respiratory issues. All mould have different levels of potency and impact on our health.

It is not necessarily always visible. Even if a small amount of mould may be seen on a wall, or in a bath tub, there could be an abundance of hidden mould under the surface. Until the area is inspected, there is no guarantee that it is just what meets the eye.

If you suspect you may be exposed to mould, contact a trained and insured remediation professional in your area. We can do a visual inspection and make recommendations for solving the past and current growth and make a plan to avoid further growth.

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